Dyson Styles

Beauty & Hair

2700 Swiss Ave
(404) 964-8129

Dyson is a premier hairstylist located in Dallas, Texas, cultivating natural, beautiful, healthy hair. Master hairstylist since 2001, Dyson Styles started his career in Atlanta, Georgia styling hair at Nseya Salon and Spa. Away from his hometown of Dallas, Texas, he had to start from scratch building a clientele base and making a name for himself. Over the years he has worked at Purple Door Salon, J Miles Salon and Studio 89 in Atlanta, and has styled the hair of everyone from your next door neighbor to Grammy Award winning celebrities.
In 2009, Dyson styled the hair of world renowned singer, songwriter and actress, Beyoncé Knowles for a photo shoot with Elle Magazine, and was a featured stylist on ABC's Ambush Makeover. Specializing in healthy hair, Dyson uses organic products, custom conditioners and infusions that collectively give his clients the freedom to truly experience their hair at its absolute best. Give yourself the personalized beauty treatment you deserve to fully experience your hair.
Learn more about Dyson and see more before and after transformations by following @dysonstyles on Instagram and watching him in action as he puts the final touches on one of his signature silk presses.