Sean M Horton Atelier

Fashion & Style

6202 Raytown Rd
(816) 775-1185

Sean M. Horton Atelier was founded and created by Sean following studying textile art at the Kansas City Art Institute and earning his degree in Fashion Design at JCCC. He’s always had a deep-rooted interest in fashion as an expression of self and a way to be creative, something he credits to his mother.

As he grew up, he witnessed her creating beautiful accessories and garments, and became intrigued. She gave him the encouragement and freedom to design his own outfits, because he never wanted to wear the same things as other kids simply to fit in. He believes that fashion is a visual introduction to who you are.

Sean is driven to create every garment with the person who is wearing it in mind, instead of a one-design-fits-all approach. Your clothing is the first thing people notice when you enter a room, and it is for this reason that fashion should be highly personalized, reflect your individuality, and make you feel great about yourself. Here at Sean M. Horton Atelier, our goal is to create clothing that highlights who you are, because being you is being beautiful.